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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 6:09 pm

No Spamming.
Anyone caught spamming will first be warned and if it continues, he will get banned. The ban duration will be up me, Johnny and Kenzy.
The only place that people can talk about un-related things will be the Spam section. Anything else outside that section will be considered unnecessary spam.

No Sexual or inappropriate posts or threads.
Anyone caught will get their posts or threads deleted followed by a perm ban. You can ask for your ban to be lift here
Make a valid point and try to convince us that you will not post anymore inappropriate contents and maybe we'll take off your ban.

No Advertising any site and/or other servers.
This will result in a permanent ban with little to no chance of getting it lifted. No questions asked and we'll make sure every single thread of yours will be deleted. We'll IP ban if necessary

No Flame Wars.
We'll only give one warning. After that its going to be a 7-day ban. 3 or more offences will result in a perma ban with little chance of the ban being lifted.

No Complaining about downtimes.
We have a chatbox here. Take your complains there. Any complains will be deleted and, if it becomes constant, you will get a ban.

No Double or Multi-posting.
1st offence will be a warning. Second offence will be a 3-day ban. Third Offence will be a 7-day ban. Four or more offences will result in a permanent ban. You can try to get this ban lifted.

Search before you post.
Please scan through the forums before making a new thread. This keeps our forums organized and not have two or more threads of the same topic.

Respect others.
Any unnecessary remarks and disrespect of others will not be tolerated. Take it to private messages or private chat on the chat box.

Respect the staff.
Any disrespect of staff members will not be tolerated either. The length of the ban or the action that we'll do will be decided by the staff member that you disrespected. So better not say something that will really offend them because the ban will not be lifted.

No staff impersonation.
Any attempt of impersonating a staff member will result in a ban with no chance of being lifted.

English Only.
Please talk in English only. If you cant really talk or speak fluent English, feel free to use Google Translator and hope people would understand you. If you are sure that you can't speak fluent enough English, you can always ask it on the International Section of the Forums

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Forum Rules
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